“Erin was excellent; you could tell she loves what she does. She was not only incredibly organized but knew exactly what to do with our troop of 2nd graders. It was the perfect way for our troop to earn their art badge. She also intertwined education on intention and perspective and how it applies not only to art but our lives , even at 7-8 years old. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to have an amazing art experience. “ – T. Land, Brownies Troop Mom, Shawnee, KS


“Thank you for a wonderful workshop. The ladies has fun and took away more than just a good time. I am going to implement the ‘See the Good’ journal for me and everyone else in my home!” Karen L., Kansas City, MO


“These are the days I ask God for signs…signs things are going to be ok, signs it’s going to be a great day, signs that I’m doing a semi ok job at not totally screwing my kids up… Today, I looked in the mirror and my necklace from Erin Paige was shining SUPER BRIGHT in the sunlight. #HeAnswered” – Nicole F., Leawood, KS


“I love it!!!! Pics are coming. promise!!!! I think I need more Erin art. Xoxo”Mary Sue M., Las Vegas, NV



“THANK YOU so much for the absolutely gorgeous bracelet. I received it yesterday and it is even more beautiful than in the picture. I am looking forward to purchasing more pieces from you!” Cheers!Jennifer R., California



I’ve received many compliments! Thank you, Erin!!”Mary S.B., Overland Park, KS



“Who doesn’t want a beautiful custom piece that reflects their personality and style?! I love Erin’s custom pieces because they suit specific personalities, bodies or occasions, how wonderful! Plus, they capture Erin’s intuitive nature and genuine desire to help others.Jennifer S.P., Overland Park, KS



“Erin’s enthusiasm for her art and connection to her clients makes her jewelry not just a product but an experience. I love wearing my jewels from Erin because I know they were made with loving kindness as well as attention to detail. It is her thoughtfulness that stands out every time I work with Erin. Thank you!!”Lauren G., Overland Park, KS



“I appreciate you talking the time to create such a meaningful piece of jewelry, artwork really, that will hopefully make her feel appreciated and loved.”Mara F, Bartlesville, OK