Erin Paige


Designer.     Speaker.     Mother.     Lover of Life.


Since she can remember, Erin Paige has had a love for the arts and for people.

Erin Paige become a passionate lover of life and feels compassion for all. It is through her life’s journey she has come to realize she loves, loves, loves her life (even the not so good) and takes her dreams and expands them above and beyond her wildest imagination and, then…dreams even BIGGER!

As a jewelry designer she has come to know “It’s not about the jewelry and never has been about the jewelry. It is about the essence of me and the love I put into each piece.” Now, as a keynote speaker, author, and workshop facilitator, Erin Paige shares this essence by connecting to her audience and challenging others to do the same.

Erin Paige presents her signature talk “Love Life. Dream Bigger.” to groups of various sizes in the only way she knows how – with passion, authenticity, and love.

Erin Paige and her designs have been featured on television programs and showcased in a variety of lifestyle and business publications. Her jewelry has also graced the runways of high fashion.

She received her BFA in Visual Communication from the University of Kansas in 1995.